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REVPORT™ - Fund/Distributor Rebates and Invoice Reconciliation

In an increasingly complex distribution environment, mutual funds can have fee arrangements with hundreds of third parties that vary by product, platform and services. Often, mutual fund companies are utilizing inefficient manual processes and spreadsheets to manage payments. With these outdated systems, payments to distribution partners are difficult to reconcile, time-consuming and error-prone. As a response to these issues, we have worked closely with our clients to develop REVPORT software for fund managers.

REVPORT, Bonaire’s flagship product, is designed to handle the complete fee structures and new products associated with fund or distributor rebates, retrocessions, trailer payouts and invoice reconciliation. REVPORT enables clients to optimize and better manage the third party distribution process by producing management reports and metrics to measure the efficiency of these relationships.

Key Benefits:

  • Ensures accuracy of payouts
  • Enables faster reconciliation of distributor invoices
  • Eliminates manual processes that are based on spreadsheets
  • Provides full audit trail for regulatory and compliance requirements
  • Includes workflow dashboards
  • Streamlines operations, improves efficiency and reduces organizational costs

Key Features:

  • Powerful rules-based calculation engine to determine diverse distribution payouts and fees:
    • Calculate fund or distributor rebates
    • Calculate partner or agent rebates
    • Calculate retrocessions, trailer commissions and AMC fees
    • Calculate sub-advisor payouts, fee splits and revenue sharing
    • Calculate fund management fees
  • Rules-based workflow and exception processing


  • Fund/Distributor rebate calculation and reconciliation with distributor invoices to validate invoice fee calculations and any variances
  • Reconciliation reports of fund by net assets source
  • Fee reconciliation comparative reports to compare fees calculated versus invoice received from distributors


  • EMPOWER BI business intelligence and reporting is fully integrated with REVPORT.
    • Provides management intelligence and ad hoc reporting capabilities to assist in compliance with audit and regulatory requirements and measurement of the performance of distribution relationships
  • Distributor statements
  • Fund expense statements
  • Reconciliation reports of fund net assets by source
  • Fee reconciliation comparative reports to compare fees calculated versus invoice received from distributors
  • Distributor dashboard
  • Fund Expense dashboard
  • Workflow dashboard

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