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Bonaire’s revenue management and fee billing platform brings together business and operations with comprehensive business intelligence and management reporting.

Bonaire Software Solutions LLC has the unique perspective of the market leader in developing and implementing enterprise software and technology solutions for the investment community. Since 1999, and used by 13 of the largest 20 global asset managers, REVPORT™ leads the industry in reducing operational costs, improving cash flow and decreasing billing cycles.

REVPORT™ is the pre-eminent revenue management and fee billing solution for:

  • Institutional Asset Managers
  • Wealth Managers
  • Broker Dealers/Registered Investment Advisors
  • Fund Families
  • Banks
  • Retirement Services
  • Insurance Companies
  • Outsourcers/BPOs


Barings didn’t set out to recoup a payback on the project initially, but realized actual resource reduction, improved quality and improved access to data not available previously. Barings reduced the number of full time employees dedicated to management information and fee processing by nearly half by implementing the automated REVPORT™ solution. The fee processing cycle was reduced by half from 8 weeks to 4 weeks, cash flow was improved and fund distributors were paid their fee rebates more promptly.